Diabetes and Insulin Management

Helping People With Diabetes to Enjoy Life to the Fullest

Manage your diabetes confidently with Wings of Care

Managing diabetes on a daily basis can be challenging, and not everyone has to go through it alone. At Wings of Care, we understand the importance of having skilled support when it comes to long-term care and advice. Our team of experts can provide tailored services ideal for people of all ages and locations across Melbourne and beyond. With an emphasis on empathy and practicality, our solutions help you achieve your individual goals, whether improving blood glucose levels, weight loss, or simply feeling healthy.

Professional, specialised care to assist with diabetes & insulin management

We can provide you with comprehensive and continuing care due to our staff's expertise in caring for people with diabetes of all ages. This includes referring you to other healthcare experts, ordering diagnostic testing and pathology, and, if necessary, providing diabetes-related medications. We also recognise that emergencies and crises typically occur outside of normal office hours, so we offer phone access to supplement the treatment provided by your other healthcare providers.

Our nurses collaborate with your primary care physician to build an individualised diabetes management plan that allows you to live your life as you see fit.

Enhancing the Quality of Life for People With Diabetes

At Wings of Care, we prioritise the management of high sugar levels. Our team comprises specialists in insulin and diabetes treatments to give you the best care depending on your medical condition or level of diabetes. All our Registered NDIS nurses and support staff are equipped to handle any machine or device related to insulin and diabetes.

We understand the importance of diet when dealing with high sugar levels, so our staff can provide advice regarding what food is recommendable and avoidable. With us, you can trust that our experienced experts will guide you through the journey towards better diabetes control.

Your Partners in Diabetes & Insulin Management

Wings of Care is ready to assist you, whether you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes or are seeking strategies to manage your condition effectively. No matter where you reside or what stage your illness has reached, our knowledgeable and compassionate advisors will give you one-on-one diabetes management support.

Insulin Pumps.

Dietetics and nutrition-related services.


Diabetes Awareness & education.

Blood glucose level optimisation.

Weight Loss Overseen by Doctors.

Melbourne's Dependable Diabetes & Insulin Management Services

We make diabetes simple to manage.

Our diabetes educators & supporters provide evidence-based lifestyle recommendations.

We are your partner on the long road of diabetes management. We are here to help you with Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, diabetes management in pregnancy and all other diabetes services.

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Acknowledgment of Country

We Care acknowledges that our work in the community takes place on the Traditional Lands of many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and therefore respectfully recognise their Elders, past and present, and the ongoing Custodianship of the Land and Water by all Members of these Communities.