Enteral Feeding Tube Services

Managing Enteral Feeding With NDIS Support Services

What is enteral feeding?

Enteral feeding refers to the administration of a nutritionally complete liquid directly into the gastrointestinal tract (mouth, oesophagus, stomach, and intestines), typically via a tube.

Enteral feeding is necessary when a person cannot consume enough food to maintain their health, either because they lack an appetite or because something is preventing them from eating (such as injury, illness, or disability).

There are various types of enteral feeding for multiple purposes. A physician will determine the type of enteral feeding and the nutrition formula to be administered. Some individuals require short-term enteral nutrition to recover from an injury or illness. Others, including people with severe physical impairments, need enteral nutrition for long-term sustenance.

The NDIS and enteral feeding

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding for a variety of disability-related health services pertinent to enteral feeding and tube management. This includes funds for developing and implementing a nutrition plan, training support staff in accordance with practise guidelines, mealtime support, and financing for the equipment necessary to continue enteral feeding and management at home.

How Wings of Care Can Support You

Wings of Care's enteral feeding team seeks to improve patients' lives undergoing enteral feeding therapy. We offer a comprehensive range of enteral pumps, nutritional formulations, feeding tubes, and other products.

Our specialised personnel at Wings of Care are trained in enteral feeding and tube management. We will collaborate with you and your healthcare team to deliver your nutrition plan. We are aware that administering enteral feeds and managing tubes can be difficult and invasive. Additional disorders and disabilities frequently exacerbate it. Our personnel have extensive experience providing this type of care in accordance with the NDIS Practice Guidelines.

We can also assist you in coordinating your disability supports to ensure you can live independently and provide a comprehensive assistance package. Call us to maximise your NDIS strategy and ensure a prosperous future.

Melbourne's Dependable Enteral Feeding Tube Services

Our enteral feeding tube services empower patients by giving them the necessary materials and support to manage their therapy and improve their quality of life. Our professionals are committed to tailoring care programmes to the lifestyle and needs of each patient, from children to adults.

Follow-up conversations to evaluate nutritional needs and adherence.

Delivery of medical supplies directly to the patient's door.

Coordinate insurance benefits prior to administration.

Training and education on all types of food and supplies are provided.

A collaborative team approach in which we serve as a liaison between the patient and their healthcare provider.

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