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Assistance with Medication Management

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Managing your medication can be an overwhelming and confusing task, but you'll be glad to know that you don't have to do it alone. At Wings of Care, we offer a comprehensive team of professionals who can help you organise your medications and ensure your dosages are perfectly on track.

Our goal is to provide seamless support, so you'll never have to worry about taking the wrong number of pills or not remembering when the next dose is due. We view our medication management service as a spectrum of collaborative, patient-centred where medication appropriateness, effectiveness, safety and adherence to the goal of enhancing the patient's health outcome is relevant and essential.

We'll take care of your medication management

We are dedicated to improving the lives of NDIS members and will:

Provide unbiased advice.

Examine and compare service provider invoices to your NDIS plan.

Claim NDIA funds and pay your service providers.

Deliver monthly updates to participants and support coordinators regarding the NDIS plan's budget.

Medication Management that Makes a Difference

It can be difficult to keep track of your medications, especially if you are taking many drugs.

Proper medication management is essential to your continued health and well-being and your ability to continue living freely and confidently in your own home.

How Do Wings of Care Cater for Your Needs?

We will provide qualified personnel to analyse your pharmaceutical needs, establish programmes to help you take your prescription, and aid with taking your medication. It is not always simple to take prescribed medications, and failure to do so might have serious consequences for your health.

If you require assistance to adhere to your drug regimen, our nurses can:

Visit your home to provide the injections.

Give you a reminder phone call.

Provide training so that you can learn how to self-administer medication.

Administer medications of any type - injections, tablets, creams.

Visit you as many times as necessary, even multiple times daily, so your health is not compromised.

Wings of Care is committed to helping you with your medication while ensuring the whole process is appropriately managed. Our highly trained healthcare professionals will work closely in partnership with your doctor, pharmacist, and associated health experts to assess your medications, monitor routines, and make any necessary adjustments for optimal well-being.

Our services are customisable and can be modified as your requirements evolve. Whether you require temporary assistance while recovering from an illness or ongoing daily care, Wings of Care can assist you.

Melbourne's Dependable NDIS Medication Management Services

Medication evaluation.

Individualised care planning.

Visits to your house as often as necessary.

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