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Leading a Fulfilling Life After Stoma Surgery

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Stoma care can be intimidating for both the patient and their family. It is usual for clients to initially feel apprehensive because of their altered body image and altered elimination processes. Individuals can confidently resume daily activities with proper support and stoma care management.

Stoma Therapy

A stoma is a surgically created opening in the body, either an ileostomy or colostomy of the bowel or a urostomy of the bladder. They can be temporary or permanent and require specialized care to look after them. Adjusting to life with a stoma can take time and effort. Our experienced stoma therapy supporters understand this and work with you to provide optimal care.

How Wings of Care nurses can assist with stoma care

Wings of Care's Stoma Assessment, Therapy and Treatment Service is staffed by specially trained nurses who assess and provide holistic education and management of stomas.

The services of stoma therapy assist you in adapting to live with a temporary or permanent stoma. Our team collaborates closely with physicians, general practitioners, and allied health professionals to provide the most up-to-date care. We aim to restore your pre-surgery daily activities.

As part of providing superior quality care, our nurses:

Meet with you or call you to ensure you comprehend the surgery and the stoma's necessity.

Educate you on stoma management and provide pertinent surgical information.

Advise you on stoma supplies and how to obtain them.

Stoma bag changes.

Stoma and skin health evaluations.

General health evaluations, including monitoring for digestive issues.

Guide skin care.

Explain hydration and food needs and, if necessary, arrange an appointment with a dietitian.

Refer to stomal therapists for patients requiring complicated care.

Benefits of Our Services

Individual consultation with a stoma therapy nurse.

Information and assistance prior to and following surgery.

Present accurate, easily understood information to patients, families, and carers.

Education and problem-solving on all connected topics, including skin care, hydration, diet, and stoma supply access.

Reassurance that you will achieve a high quality of life, reducing your stress and anxiety.

Melbourne's Dependable NDIS Stoma Assessment, Therapy & Treatment Services

Choosing Wings of Care as your NDIS Plan Manager will save you countless hours of tedious paperwork. We help you manage your NDIS Plan funding and provider payments.

Expert plan managers with extensive personal and professional experience in stoma assessment, therapy and treatment services.

Trustworthy and transparent services to answer any enquiries about your NDIS plan and stoma assessment.

Not one size fits all, with individual care, to provide a more personalised and professional service to bring accurate information and reduce your anxiety.

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